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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Life Update: The Beginning (at UCLA)

As many of you are probably aware, I am a first-year undergraduate student at UCLA. Although I have only been here three weeks, I already feel at home and have such a great sense of pride for my school (which I actually had way before I even was admitted!). Also, I feel like I have already done and learned so much since being here. On top of learning a great deal in my classes already, I have become a Campus Correspondent for Her Campus UCLA, explored the surrounding Los Angeles community, attended two UCLA football games, and met some really interesting people of such diverse backgrounds. 

It's funny to look back at where I was just three weeks ago - sitting in my small hometown outside of Boston. Now I am in beautiful and sunny Los Angeles.  It's crazy how quickly things can change. When I reflect and compare my life now to my life before college, I realize how incredibly monotonous and boring it once was. Don't get me wrong, I loved my childhood but I needed change and I needed to feel a sense of independence.  I am so incredibly thrilled that I am attending UCLA, my dream school. I cannot see myself anywhere else and everyday I wake up and look forward to whatever the day will bring. U-C-L-A Fight, Fight, Fight! 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Confessions: Tempering My Chanel Obsession

CHANEL. CHANEL. CHANEL. It's always challenging having expensive taste but being on a college student budget! Okay, that's an exaggerated and superficial statement. Honestly, I could have far more severe issues. However, we might as well talk superficially to take our minds off any real problems. Let's talk Chanel and my uncontrollable and slightly ridiculous obsession with it. 

It's definitely no secret that I am in love with the Chanel Fashion House. I don't just like it like I like Bobba Tea and Pinterest and any other trendy fad. I actually am obsessed with all things Chanel. Embarrassingly, I am so passionate about this luxurious designer label that I have teared up on more than one occasion while browsing the Chanel Boutique. That's a true story!  Every time I spot a Chanel handbag I become slightly giddy at the sight of the beautiful caviar or lambskin quilted leather, signature chain strap and double-C logo. I've already tried several times to convince my generous father to help me purchase a Chanel bag so desperately stating that it's an "investment and will increase in value." It hasn't worked. And although I still covet a Chanel Classic Flap Bag, I have given up on owning one anytime soon because quite frankly as a college student, I have more important things I can do with that hefty chunk of change. Don't get me wrong, I have not completely withdrawn myself from the Chanel World. That would be much too hard and would give me serious Chanel withdrawals. 

Instead, I have found more wallet-friendly ways to temper and satisfy this obsession. I have made much smaller yet still substantial Chanel purchases. First off, I adore my Chanel brooch and ring which don't get me wrong are still small investment pieces. I also swear by my Chanel beauty products which I use every day without fail. I strongly recommend the Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation along with the Lift Lumiere Eye Contour Concealer. Those are my go-tos for a flawless face.  I even have added Chanel details around my bedroom. My fashion book sits at all times on my coffee table and I have also incorporated my passion for Chanel in my dorm room. I have a a few of my favorite Chanel inspired art prints (shown below) hanging as part of a wall gallery. Oh . . . yeah . . . look at the top of this page. Hehe. Thanks Un Toque de Angel for the Chanel illustration to complete my blog layout! 

So, although I may not be a Chanel handbag owner at the moment, I still have been able to temper my Chanel cravings and enjoy the amazing things this luxury designer brand has to offer. I appreciate and fondly enjoy all of my small Chanel goodies and have  recognized that I can truly experience Chanel even as a student on a budget! I'm even hoping to apply for a job with Chanel in the future!! And when the day comes when I finally own a Chanel Classic Flap Bag, it will be that much more special to me!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Transitional Dressing Ft. MCM

Zara Denim Vest. Zara Skull Tank Top (old). MCM Handbag (vintage). Zara Black Leggings . Nike Air Max 90 Sneakers (similar here). Gold Saturn Ring. Black cuff (old). GAP Wide Brim Hat (similar here). This is probably my favorite time of year but I also find it the most difficult to dress for. I can never quite tell if it is warm or cool out let alone what to wear! So I always tend to dress right in the middle. I love intermingling my summer and fall wardrobes, creating a perfectly chic and casually cool outfit. First off, I just need to take a moment to admire this handbag. I have been obsessed... I mean obsessed with MCM handbags. I completely love that MCM takes such a different approach to fashion; each fashion piece is classic but with a subtle (and slightly edgy) twist. I had been searching non-stop for a handbag that was functional for college yet fashionable and couldn't find anything that wowed me. Then, when I finally stopped searching I found it! I stumbled across this vintage MCM handbag and nearly died of excitement. It was everything I wanted and then some. I even scored a super cute matching makeup bag. Let's just say I lucked out! So enough with the bag... I think you can tell how much I love it and you can tell how perfect it is by the extensive closeup photos I shared with you! I paired this beauty with a simple yet edgy outfit - my favorite wide-brim fedora, oversized jean vest, a super cute tee, and my fave sneakers - and voila, a perfect in-between-summer-and-fall outfit! 

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