Monday, August 27, 2012

Putzing With My New Camera

As an early birthday gift, I received my beloved dslr camera - the Canon EOS Rebel T3. I have been doing research on entry-level DSLR cameras for quite sometime and have learned quit a bit about the camera world. One thing is for certain, although some entry-level cameras have a few more bells and whistles, the photo quality is usually the same. Thus, I decided to opt for the T3 rather than cough up an extra $200 for the T3i.

I spent my entire day snapping pictures of random little things around my house. When I uploaded these photos to my computer I was expecting decent quality photos but nothing too special (considering I've only used the kit lens and left it on auto mode). However I was in complete shock when I saw the clarity and brightness of each image. My other point and shoot camera cannot even compare to my new Canon Rebel. I've always been envious of those bloggers with amazing photos and am so happy that I can now feature stunning photos on my own blog! Here are just a  few photos I snapped. I did not color correct any of these images. 

Side note: I ordered a new lens that is supposed to be even better! If this is what the photos look like using a kit lens, I cannot wait to see how they will turn out with my new lens. 


  1. Great pics, artistic and such great quality of image. :)


  2. I nominated you for the Liebster award!

  3. Very nice pictures and beautiful blog! Btx thanks for the very nice welcoming on IFB and I'm now following you! Follow me back?