Saturday, December 29, 2012

Favorite Christmas Goodies (2012)

Hope you all enjoyed the holidays...I sure did! My Christmas was super peaceful and relaxing. It was two days spent with just my immediate family. Both days we sat around, opened presents, and of course ate some delicious food! I honestly am saddened that it's over for another full year but am so appreciative for all the wonderful gifts that I received.

I thought it would be fun (as I truly enjoy seeing what others receive) for me to show you a few of the goodies that I got this Christmas. I honestly didn't ask for anything in particular and was super surprised with some of the great gifts that I received. As I put together my favorites I realized a common theme. Can you tell what it is?! Everything is a gold accessory! This just further shows my unhealthy obsession with gold. I'm very grateful for all I received this year and am sure that I will get some great use out of all these goodies! 
My Favorites of Christmas 2012:
Moschino Belt (similar here)
J. Crew Chain Bracelet (similar style here)
Charriol Nautical Cable Diamond Bracelet
Vince Camuto Bangle (similar here)

what were your favorite gifts that you gave or received this year?


  1. All of your gifts are amazing! I especially love the J. Crew chain bracelet!

  2. Amazing belt ! I love Moschino so much

  3. I love that J-crew chain bracelet it is very cute! We are so happy that we have come across your blog and we are now your newest followers, come over and say hi :)

    Stacie and Carly

    1. thank you for following! i really appreciate it!

  4. Happy for you :)

  5. the bracelet is the one that I have been wanting for a while

  6. Oh wow, such beautiful pieces! The jewelry is fantastic x


  7. Those bracelets are lovely!

  8. cool post!

  9. i would kill for a moschino belt!!! youre so lucky. newest follower!!- jade xxx

  10. cool post!

  11. wowoowoww.....
    The belt is beyond gorgeous!!!
    what a lovely gift!

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