Sunday, February 17, 2013

Modern Coffee Table Decorating

As many of you may know, I've been working on rearranging and redecorating my room! I started this journey several months ago when I bought these high gloss white coffee tables from Ikea (here). I placed them in my bedroom and have since been working on decorating them.  I've constantly been searching for bits and ends and rearranging what's already there. Finally, I, being an absolute perfectionist, am satisfied with the way the tables are decorated (yay!).

At the beginning, I was overwhelmed and didn't know where to begin. However, I have used other coffee tables that I have seen (like this) to further help me decorate my own. Through this whole experience I have learned that as silly as it may sound, decorating a table is an art! 
 Tips for decorating a coffee table:
Stack: Stacking large books, magazines, etc adds visual interest to a bland coffee table and also helps by varying height. 
Consistent Colors: Incorporate only a few colors that are used elsewhere in the room. My coffee table's color palette is mostly pale pink, white, and gold (the primary colors of my room). Don't use too many colors because it makes the table look cluttered and disorganized. 
Vary Arrangement: Don't be afraid to play with the arrangement of objects. Sometimes the arrangements that one originally dismisses turns out to look the best. 
Add Quirky Items: Coffee tables are a great way to express yourself! Choose a few objects that are different and quirky. This just further adds to the visual appeal of the table. I love the way this antler looks! 


  1. I like the different heights of objects as well as the layering! Nice, simple, modern with a touch of rustic.

    -Brittany of @suburbchicblog

  2. Gorgeous table decorations! Looks similar to my bedside tables :)
    Got to have some good books/magazines and candles.
    That antler is amazing! The brown tone makes the room look a bit more earthy..

    Talia xx

  3. Lovely photos love the skull!

  4. I am so awful at decorating our coffee tables (or really anything in our apartment) - I feel like things always just look cluttered! I love the way you've styled these tables though - especially with that antler!

  5. Love the antler!! decorating a coffee table is an art indeed.

    x Cammie

  6. Love the decorating. :)

    kisses from

  7. Great post! Please feel free to check out my blog :)

    -Krystin Tysire xo

  8. Hi doll, love these coffee table tips! Super clean and chic.


  9. Wow these are great tips!
    I usually end up changing the way I display things probably every day Lol

  10. How beautiful! I love it!