Saturday, June 22, 2013

New Kicks: Nike Air Max Sneakers

Who knew that new sneakers could bring someone such happiness?! Well they do! I am obsessed with my new Nike Air Max sneakers. Recently I have seen these shoes all over my favorite fashion blogs and of course had to buy a pair for myself! I have been hunting for these shoes which evidently were more difficult to find in stores in the United States than I had thought. Luckily, today I found a pair that were not only very affordable (being that they were at the Nike outlet) but were also the perfect color combo. If you are interested in a pair of women Air Max sneakers check out the Nike website (click here). These shoes also seem to run true to size! 
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  1. they look so cool!
    check out my latest look:

  2. Cool kicks!!!

  3. Those sneakers are great! I was just at the Nike compound in Portland and got a chance to go to their employee store. I think you would have loved it!!! (already following you on bloglovin)

  4. These are super cool! Do you plan on exercising in them also? Love them!

    1. Well thank you! And no I'm not going to use them to workout. They're more of a casual shoe :)

  5. Oh my life those sneakers are perfect! I also recently brought some nikes, and they also amazing <3