Sunday, September 7, 2014

Transitional Dressing Ft. MCM

Zara Denim Vest. Zara Skull Tank Top (old). MCM Handbag (vintage). Zara Black Leggings . Nike Air Max 90 Sneakers (similar here). Gold Saturn Ring. Black cuff (old). GAP Wide Brim Hat (similar here). This is probably my favorite time of year but I also find it the most difficult to dress for. I can never quite tell if it is warm or cool out let alone what to wear! So I always tend to dress right in the middle. I love intermingling my summer and fall wardrobes, creating a perfectly chic and casually cool outfit. First off, I just need to take a moment to admire this handbag. I have been obsessed... I mean obsessed with MCM handbags. I completely love that MCM takes such a different approach to fashion; each fashion piece is classic but with a subtle (and slightly edgy) twist. I had been searching non-stop for a handbag that was functional for college yet fashionable and couldn't find anything that wowed me. Then, when I finally stopped searching I found it! I stumbled across this vintage MCM handbag and nearly died of excitement. It was everything I wanted and then some. I even scored a super cute matching makeup bag. Let's just say I lucked out! So enough with the bag... I think you can tell how much I love it and you can tell how perfect it is by the extensive closeup photos I shared with you! I paired this beauty with a simple yet edgy outfit - my favorite wide-brim fedora, oversized jean vest, a super cute tee, and my fave sneakers - and voila, a perfect in-between-summer-and-fall outfit! 


  1. No way did you find a vintage MCM bag I am insanely jealous of you right now - divine!
    Meena | Meena Means Me

  2. It's beautiful, when shopping today to see a MCM bags in a shop, very heart of it.