Saturday, November 8, 2014

Handbag Essentials: For College Fashionistas

As a college student, it has been challenging (well not as challenging as school itself) to determine exactly what to carry in my handbag. I try to carry everything I could potentially need at any given time. However, I also hate when my bag is incredibly heavy and cluttered especially because I am always walking up and down hills. There have already been several times when I've searched frivolously through my handbag and realized I have forgotten something.  But, overall I think by now I have developed a good list of handbag must-haves for any college girl. Check out my list of essentials below to make sure your handbag is properly stashed.

(Also, my favorite handbag to carry is most definitely my Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC. I cannot say enough good things about this little bag. As I have said, I walk a lot here so I need something functional but fashionable of course!)

The Essentials:
Small Wallet
Student ID 
Beauty Products (Lipstick & Powder Compact) 
Portable Phone Charger
Notepad & Pen
Small Pack of Tissues
Hair Products (Hair Elastics, Brush, & Mini Dry Shampoo)
Hand Sanitizer


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