Friday, January 23, 2015

Current Obsession: Chanel CC Earrings

I have never been a big fan of earrings until I bought these. Whenever I put on my Chanel earrings I instantly feel a bit chicer and more sophisticated; I guess that's the power of Chanel!  I purchased these earrings a few months ago and have since been wearing them quite frequently.

I purchased the the larger sized crystal and brushed gold CC earrings. At first, I was a bit resistant to purchase them because although Chanel, they are still costume jewelry. I was worried that they would tarnish or that the crystals would fall out. However, so far I have not had any problems (granted I do not shower nor sleep with them on). These earrings are definitely one of my best luxury purchases. I even have to force myself to not wear them at times! What is your current fashion obsession?