Thursday, September 3, 2015

Everything You Didn't Know About False Eyelashes

So lately I have been on a false eyelash kick. My obsession with falsies started when I forgot my eyeliner while on vacation. Let me explain. I nearly had a nervous breakdown when I realized I left my beloved gel liner at home, as I've been wearing winged eyeliner every day for at least six years.  But when I was forced to go eyeliner free I realized that I actually much preferred the look.

Then I started thinking about getting eyelash extensions as an alternative way to make my eyes pop. However,  I quickly realized that those are way out of my budget and too much maintenance for a college student. So instead, I've continued to ditch the winged liner and opted for wearing falsies nearly everyday as a way to get those perfect wispy lashes. 

For those who've used false lashes, you know that applying them is by no means a piece of cake. They are temperamental and challenging. But honestly, the end result makes them well worth the challenge! I'm not going to show you how to apply false eyelashes; there are plenty of those tutorials saturating the internet. Instead, I want to share a few tips and tricks that I learned myself through trial and error. 

Reuse over and over again. So for the longest time I'd throw my falsies away after each use. But now that I wear false lashes nearly every day, I've realized that throwing away the pair each wear is completely unrealistic and uneconomical. On average, I'd be spending around $30/week on lashes. Thankfully, you can actually use your false lashes multiple times if you take proper care of them and do not coat them in mascara. Just simply peel off the excess glue, soak the eyelashes in warm water, and pat them dry. They will come out looking good as new! 

Buy drugstore falsies. There is honestly nooo point in spending twenty-something dollars on "high-end" false lashes. Honestly, I promise you a pair of Ardell lashes (my personal favorites)  work just as well and look just as amazing as the more expensive ones while only costing a quarter of the price. 

Skip mascara. Usually, tutorials tell you to apply mascara before applying your falsies. However, I actually find that it is much easier to apply falsies when your eyelashes are uncurled and mascara-free. After, your falsies are applied and dried,  feel free to go crazy curling your lashes. Although I still don't suggest applying mascara because doing so shortens the lifespan of the falsies.        Use a good adhesive.  Don't use the junky adhesive that comes with some pairs of eyelashes. Instead, invest in the Duo eyelash adhesive. It honestly is the best and will keep your lashes in place all day and regardless of how windy the weather may be.  Only choose a clear band. This is my number one rule when buying falsies. Never buy eyelashes with a thick black band... only buy those with clear bands! Honestly, eyelashes with a black band are a complete waste of money. I'm surprised companies even make them anymore. Not only are they more noticeably fake but also a lot more difficult to apply and keep on. 


  1. I tried falsies for the first time this week, and I think that it was a lot of work. Never again for me.