Monday, November 2, 2015

Inside My Dorm Room + Video

It can be challenging to decorate any room - let alone a space less than 100 square feet and with heinously unsophisticated and simple furniture. I have spent countless hours decorating my dorm room and creating a space away from home that reflects my style and love for fashion. I paired my Trina Turk bedding with various trendy and fashionable accents.... and voila, I made the oak bed frame look pretty decent! My proudest piece of decor in my room is the wall art hanging above my bed that I DIY'd.  I am so proud of myself for digging deep and finding my crafting skills. I selected several of my favorite fashion prints (of course had to have a few Chanel prints!). I then framed them in cardboard frames that I found at my local craft store. 

I try to keep my desk relatively organized. It's never perfect and never will be considering it's home to my makeup as well as school supplies! It is decorated with various accents (both functional and nonfunctional). I especially love the gold accessories as well as my little succulent, which I'm just happy is still alive. I didn't think I had very much of a green thumb. But, it's been well over a  month and looks pretty healthy if I do say so myself!

Don't forget to watch the short video below for a full look at my dorm room.


  1. Your dorm room is so chic!